Traveling Tips

Traveling & Vacations can be fun for the whole family but traveling with a restricted diet can be a bit frightening. Here are a few tips from our family to yours for your next trip.Be sure to get a letter from your doctor or dietitian to carry at least some formula and/ or food on board with you. You can never can be too careful, in the event you your luggage doesn’t make it with you. Bring extra low protein snacks with you.

Traveling to Disney?
Disney theme parks provide a wide variety of Low Protein Foods to help make your stay more enjoyable…..Learn More



Count exchanges?

(15mg Phe=1 exchange) Here is an easy way to teach your kids how to hit their target everyday and to learn exchange counts of foods. Tape two dixie cups together, label one cup in and the other out. Fill the “in” cup with skittles per the number of exchanges consumed a day (i.e 20 exchanges/ skittles). In the morning all the skittles should be in the “in” cup. As your child eats exchanges, skittles should move over from ‘in” to “out” one by one. I.e. 2 slices of LP bread= 2ex. The trick is to move all over by the end of the day, gradually. For hitting the target, eating the skittles can be the reward.