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Illinois Clinic Information Click here to get address, phone numbers and clinic staff information for all Illinois PKU & AHD Clinics.Clinics CHM Diet Record Forms: PKU Diet Record | Electronic Diet Record
LP Food ListVirginia Schutte’s 3rd Edition Low Protein Food List for PKU is now available! Click here to order directly from her site. For information on the book and a bit more information: Food List Announcement


Check out the links below for low protein food sites, support and resources. Be sure to come to our annual meeting where we always have vendors available to try new PKU foods and formulas.

Abbott Nutrition
Applied Nurtition
Patient Power
PKU News
PKU Perspectives
Dietary Specialties
Taste Connection
Lil’s Dietary Shop
USDA Food Nutrition Data Sheet



IDPH & Formulary

Doug Hart is the PKU & AHD contact at IDPH. Contact Doug regarding your pin number to order. You will need to provide Doug the patients name and birthdate. Order forms are below, they can be mailed or faxed. Doug can be reached at (217) 557-5395. Orders are placed on Monday. If formula is in stock, orders recieved by Monday will arrive by Friday. 2011 forms are now up- including Better Milk! AHD Order Form PKU Order Form For more information about IDPH:
How to join:

PKU Listserv: PKU ListServ Information

Maternal PKU group:  Click here for information . You will need a Yahoo account to join and then give a brief descrition of yourself to join.



Additional Information
Here are some downloadable reference pages that provide good information for friends, teachers and family.