Where do your donations go?

It may also be helpful to know that since 2010, we have invested $1.3 million in research. Some of our initial successes with these funds raised primarily by local organizations have resulted in:
• Accelerating a clinical trial by 3-4 years of hepatocycte liver transplantation in the first U.S. patient as the result of funding two fellows at the University of Pittsburgh
• Research towards the creation of the first human variant of a genetically engineered probiotic at the University of North Texas has been purchased by a biotech firm
• Leveraging NIH funding for gene therapy at Oregon Science and Health University
• Leveraging studies in the mouse model to translational studies in human PKU on skeletal fragility and have resulted in several publications in peer reviewed scientific journals of University of WI

You can also access the full impact of funding document at http://www.npkua.org/Portals/0/PDFs/research/Impact_of_Funding_2014.pdf.