Annual Meeting 2016

PAF Events – The Propionic Acidemia Foundation (At Deerfield High School)

“During the three weeks between Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break, Deerfield High School and its surrounding community will collaborate in our efforts to raise funds to support PAF. The foundation is a grassroots organization, and as such, our funds will make a tremendous difference. With the money donated by School Chest, PAF will create a Warrior Fellowship for new research projects, a Warrior Wisdom Conference to provide an educational seminar for families, researchers and doctors who are impacted by Propionic Acidemia, as well as fund a Deerfield Donor Grant for new projects which will support those with Propionic Acidemia.”

DHS | School Chest: 5K Run for Change 12/03/16 (Registration)

DHS | School Chest Benefit 12/11/16: Propionic Acidemia Foundation (Tickets)